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First, a brief bio:

Jimmy Byrne (B.A. University of Notre Dame) is a career musician and teacher since 1999. He is a performer on piano, guitar and vocals in a diverse range of musical styles for a wide range of audiences. He grew up at the New Jersey Shore, where he began performing at thirteen as a member of the well-known Byrne family of Irish American Musicians.

He has taught private piano lessons in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2001. His specialty in teaching beginners to play is based on his vision for each student joyfully playing music throughout his or her life. His students learn to play musically before they learn music reading, and he offers acoustic guitar lessons to students who especially connect to guitar.

From the Kids and Their Parents:

I like Jimmy's lessons because he is a very good teacher because of the way he teaches. He is strict, but fun. I have loved all the songs Jimmy has taught me. I think Jimmy is funny, nice and cool. I like to learn because it is fun and I like to play for my family.

- Norabelle (age 8)

“The kids are thrilled to be learning music with you”

    • Maureen

“...what a wonderful teacher you are... You took them from kids who had never touched the piano to real song players... An awesome teacher.”

    • Mary

“Since Nicholas (age 7) started piano with Jimmy, he has an extra sparkle in his eye, and a skip in his step. Truly. He cannot wait to practice! It has helped him in so many ways... Nicholas gets to learn his favorite songs, and really enjoys his time with Jimmy. Jimmy incites a love for music and learning in his students that I greatly respect. I highly recommend him as a teacher.”

– Sincerely, June Waterman

Music (piano) Lessons with Jimmy are very fun. Jimmy has taught me many songs, such as “Crazy Frog”, “Fur Elise”, “Minuet in G”, and a whole book of other songs. I like the way Jimmy teaches me, and it has given me pre-skills for percussion in band at school. It is fun to practice and to play duets with him. The songs are challenging, but I learned them!

- Daniel (age 10)

“She has always loved piano with you. And that's what we really wanted.”

  • Liz

I think your joy for playing music was very inspiring. The girls say your singing was great. I remember Natasha learning timing in a way that she related to. I think there were many neurological connections being made.

… I remember the [student] performance at Steve's Guitars being especially fun. I have been so impressed by how learning to play music seems to stimulate so many connections and learning experiences.

    • Carrie

From Teen Students:

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. You too are a blessing to our family, especially my son. He does not always connect and stay connected, it takes a special person—you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Ronda (3/08)

Jimmy is a great guitar teacher. He speaks the truth, but he speaks it with a kind heart. He stresses the basics because they are the foundation of a great guitarist.

Jimmy has an acute attention to detail whether it's pick direction or hand placement that shows that he cares about how his students perform and that he is not just going through the motions.

Jimmy has an uncanny way of making tasks that are normally challenging and unenjoyable (scales / reading music) fun by learning them through a song.

You don't have to have the same musical interests as Jimmy, my musical interests are more geared to traditional gospel / hymn – bluegrass music. Jimmy's interests are pop-secular and classical music). Jimmy showed me that good music played with heart know no boundaries!

Jimmy gives out CD s with a variety of good music which excite and energize you to keep up the good work.

  • John Thomas Piccinati

  • February 5, 2010

From Adult Students:

Jimmy Byrne has a gift of meeting you where you are – week by week – allowing you to feel confident and inspired to manifest your dreams, and feed your soul through music.

- Erica Boulangee (10/09)

To Music Lovers and Aspiring Piano Players,

It is my pleasure to recommend Jimmy Byrne to anyone eager to learn to play the piano or to enhance existing piano skills and make fine, beautiful music.

Jimmy is a uniquely gifted and talented music teacher...the one teacher who really turned on the “light bulb” for me with his piano teaching style. His thoughtful teaching skills, personal musical talent and genuineness of person are pronounced and he can play Almost Everything. He was enthusiastic and responsive to the music I wanted to learn... rock and roll, boogie woogie and blues. And, with patient firmness, he taught me how to play with others...two important goals for me.

His technical knowledge of music and his teaching style so that the student “gets it” is an important component of Jimmy's teaching style so that the student can become good at playing and, importantly, relax with it, feel it, and enjoy making music while one travels the road to get good.

There was a grin on my face and a lightness in my step after every Jimmy Byrne piano lesson. To have Jimmy Byrne as your music teacher is a special gift to yourself for life.

Sincerely, Toni Whaley (9/22/2009)

I have been enjoying music lessons from Jimmy Byrne for three years. I am an older student (much older!) with no previous music training. Most people would say that I have a “tin ear” or that I cannot “carry a tune in a bushel basket”. So music is a challenge for me, one that I decided to accept to help keep my mind active.

I have learned a lot in the last three years. The lessons are one-on-one allowing Jimmy to tailor lessons to the particular student. For my interest, he goes over music theory as well as the mechanics of playing. He discerns specific difficulties and introduces ways to overcome them.

Jimmy is adept with a broad range of music. We proceed through student books, but often other material is introduced from classical to “oldies” and even to compositions of Jimmy's. A range of music is introduced allowing a broad spectrum of learning. This not only improves playing but keeps learning interesting.

Learning is in a relaxing atmosphere. Jimmy is encouraging and not negative. My goal is to learn to play the piano. Jimmy continues to encourage me to play music – a much more difficult goal.


Gerald R. Terwilliger

Dear Jimmy:

When I first called you, I was so nervous – wondering if you even took on adult students that couldn't read music! I remember being very intimidated thinking that it would take nothing short of a miracle to achieve my goal to play piano. When I was in grade school, I played the flute for a year, but that had been very long ago!!

You quickly put my mind at ease. During my first lesson, I knew that I was going to play piano, and that it was going to be fun. As a teacher, you take your mission very seriously. You're always prepared, and your memory of my progression is amazing.

Music is such a wonderful experience – you haven't ever minimized its quality or its value. Teaching requires so much patience, thoughtfulness and determinations, and I appreciate your professional approach. It's amazing journey and it is quite gratifying to play the piano, and even to attempt duets with you. Looking over the past few years, I realize how far I've come, and how much I've learned. It's not always easy, but I feel that you teach music with the respect and passion that you have for it! You do require focus and a lot of 'homework', but your expectations reinforce the depth and understanding as well as the love of music that you share with your students.

Thanks Jimmy! Learning how to play the piano has been a lifetime goal of mine, and you've helped me travel down the road toward my dream.


(April 2009)

Thanks so much for the lessons and re-inspiring me to get back into piano and music.

  • Dan

From Music Teachers:

I loved getting to know your teaching style, your methods and you. And yes, they really do work. All of my 36 private students responded to your approach to primer level piano. Some of them actually had some experience and, with you your help, I was able to take them to the next level. A few in particular have begun to read music, which makes me very proud. I owe a great deal of gratitude to you for putting me on this very challenging and rewarding path.

- Andrew Blair

Music Teacher at Bluewater International School, Koh Samui, Thailand

      Piano and Guitar Lessons      

      My students learn to play their first songs by rote and by ear. They listen to my demonstrations and to the CD's I give them. Their “I Play” list grows and grows inside their personalized music binders. When they can play musically, using fundamental techniques, and are developmentally ready, they learn music reading using popular method books.

     I offer beginners of all ages (generally age 5 and up) 45 minute lessons to engage and develop all the aptitudes for making “sweet” music. An exciting focus of each session is learning to play a new melody(s). The rest of the lesson helps the student bring the notes to LIFE: From sharing a steady beat on a drum, to participating in a song I play for them, to the rigors of basic playing technique. The learning is FUN – and remarkable:
all along the way, neural pathways, habits, sensitivities and vital personal-will develop to benefit the student throughout life.

Call me to schedule a lesson at 970- 274-3666.

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