About Us

The "Colorado Byrnes"

It's November 2017...

We are blessed with abundant health and beauty in our lives.  Tenzin Jude (5) is a joyful kindergartener in the outdoor "Willow Forest"  program at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork.   River (12) is in seventh grade and is a committed student,  talented athlete and all round Fun-loving kid!

This page is new, and is going to lack content until, I don't know, until there are 30 hour days, perhaps.

Pixie and I and the boys love our new home in Carbondale. We now have plenty of room to host visitors.  We look forward to having my Dad stay with us over the Christmas holiday!


It's hard to believe - just two Autumns ago we hiked with a backpack to help Tenzin along.   Now... he runs like the wind and tackles like Von Miller.